Cipherithm brings to smaller merchants more than 30 years of in-depth data security expertise and innovative security approaches and solutions that meet each customer’s individual implementation requirements and technology choices to protect cardholder data and build trust in the integrity of the electronic payments system. Cipherithm’s solutions address the high security electronic transaction needs of merchants serving every sector of the US economy.

Cipherithm is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company was founded by payment security expert Scott Spiker in 2012.



Led by electronic payment security expert Scott Spiker, Cipherithm’s team of senior security architects and security officers offer approaches and solutions that deliver strong, innovative and highly effective security to protect and help grow smaller businesses – tailored specifically to the individual needs of each client. Cipherithm’s approach begins with an initial consultation followed by a thorough examination of the client’s current and future data protection and includes:

  • PCI PTS Support
    • PED Design
    • EPP Design
    • SRED Design
    • Testing / Evaluation
    • Pre-PTS Evaluations
    • PTS Lab Submissions
  • Data Security Solutions
    • Cardholder Data
    • Sensitive Personal Information

  • Key Management
    • Turnkey Solutions
    • Token-based Solutions
  • PA-DSS
  • PCI Self-assessment Questionnaire Assistance
  • PCI De-scoping Support
  • Certificate Authority (CA) Solutions
  • Cost-effective Solutions
  • Secure Token-based Solutions


Smart cards are a good and relatively inexpensive way to protect sensitive and secret information. Personal computers and mobile computing platforms can provide only low level of security. Data can be captured by a malware injected computer and data is easily obtained from stolen computers. Smart cards can be used to increase security by storing the data inside the card.

Smart cards have been used in specialized applications for decades but they are not in wide spread general usage. One reason for this is a lack of general purpose applications in the card. Cipherithm has developed a programming platform that allows for application development for this powerful small and secure computers.

We offer a number of general purpose products that can be used as is. However, we also pride ourselves in the development of custom applications. Just contact us with your ideas. It may be a small change to an existing application or a new product development.


Need more security than a PC-based certificate authority, but don’t want to purchase an expensive Hardware Security Module (HSM) that likely won’t meet your company’s security objectives? Simple CA is the answer. Adds a high-level of security and flexibility to your operation when dealing with a complex PKI.

  • X509 certificates
  • RSA up to 4096 bit keys
  • Self-signed root Certificate Authority
  • Unlimited number of sub-Certificate Authorities

As with all of our smart card products, we are happy to modify the product to meet your requirements. Contact us for more information today.


Need to protect information stored in Microsoft Excel®? Adding smart card encryption support to Excel is now possible. The following is a partial list of data that may be need a higher level of security than standard Excel can provide:

  • Credit card and expiration date in accordance with PCI DSS
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Sensitive employee information

Easy to install and use. Contact us for more information today.



PCIV3 to V4 Gap Analysis



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